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    - Everything in your house will be properly covered with plastic sheeting before we start work so when we leave, your house is cool and comfortable, NOT MESSY!
    - Our crews are trained to comply with all the CDC regulations for COVID-19 prevention
    - We respect your home and your privacy. That means you will never have to endure loud music, swearing, fighting, or impolite workers in your home - We make it a quick and easy PAINLESS process!
    - Quality and Experience - We employ the best of the best. Our techs and electricians have years of experience in the field and are TRUE PROFESSIONALS



    Igloo AC has been recognized as one of the best HVAC companies in Honolulu County by Expertise.com!

    One Stop Shop

    We are licensed for both electrical, and HVAC projects, so you can hire us to do the entire project from start to finish, and won’t need any other contractors.
    Our EPA certified technicians are supervised by a licensed HVAC and electrical contractor, and have years of experience in the field.
    We focus on excellent customer service, and quality workmanship at affordable prices.

    Now On Sale: UV Light System for Mini Splits / Central Systems

    We can install our new Ultravation-M UV-C germicidal light system in either a new install or existing system. These are an excellent addition to any mini-split or central system, as they are proven to kill viruses, germs, mold spores, and may even kill COVID-19. 

    These UV-C lights can greatly improve your indoor air quality by sterilizing all the air as it passes thru your HVAC system.
    Call or email us today to find out more.

    SunTrac® Solar / Thermal Panel

    Igloo AC has partnered with SunTrac® to qualify you for up to 32% State and 30% Federal tax credits!

    Install a SunTrac® Solar / Thermal Panel with your mini split system, and you can automatically qualify for up to 62% off the cost of the entire job, thru tax credits!*

    *Please consult a qualified CPA to verify, as every individual tax situation is different


    • Save up to 50% in energy costs related to your air conditioner
    • Qualify for tax credits of 62% off the cost of the entire job
    • Includes 10-Year warranty
    • Achieve ROI in less than 4 years
    • Increase the life of your condenser by lowering the workload
    We offer affordable, QUALITY home air conditioning installation, repair, and electrical work island-wide. Just read our reviews!
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    Excellent Customer Service is Our Top Priority!

    We can get your new system fully installed and working within 6 weeks from signing.

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